Precut Parade Block Party Update!

My new book- Precut Parade- Quilts to Make From Strips, Squares, and Fat Quarters came out August 1st and I have been sharing lots of information about it on Instagram.  I hope you join me over there as I share quilt pictures, trunk shows, block demos, etc...  It is so much fun!  My Instagram handle is @jessicadayon

You can purchase this book at AmazonMartingale, and other local quilt shops.

I wanted to update you about the Precut Parade block party schedule.  I made some changes and added more dates so that I can give each block it's own day.  For example, before I had both of the Happy Go Lucky blocks (its a two block quilt) on the same day but now I have separated them out.  The updated schedule is right below.

I will be making each block from the Precut Parade in an Instagram Reel (on my Instagram page @jessicadayon) to give a really quick overview of how you put together each block.  I'll be tagging these all #precutparadeblockparty so that they are all grouped together and you can find them easily to reference back to them.

Here is the schedule for the block demos-


Block I’ll Be Making

September 2

Maybelle block

September 5

Frolic block

September 7

Dabble block

September 9

No block today

September 12

Happy Go Lucky- Sawtooth Star block

September 14

Happy Go Lucky- Dutchman’s Puzzle block

September 16

Tessa- Plus Sign block

September 19

Tessa- Duck Paddle block

September 21

Sparkler- Ohio star block

September 23

Sparkler- Uneven nine patch block

September 26

Two Step- Star block

September 28

Two Step- Plus sign block

September 30

Nelly block

October 3

No block today

October 6

Bonbon block

I also wanted to remind you about the book tour that's coming up.  It will be starting on September 27th!  Here is the schedule for that-

Precut Parade Book Tour 

I am hosting a book tour for Precut Parade.  It will feature projects that other makers have created from the patterns found in the book.  I love events like this because I think it is so fun to see how others interpret a design.  The book tour starts on September 27 and runs through November 2 (every Tuesday and Friday).  Here is the schedule-



Instagram Account

September 27

Jessica Dayon


September 30

Amber Johnson


October 4

Kristina Brinkerhoff


October 7

Julia Frazier


October 11

Andy Knowlton


October 14

Jessica Dayon


October 18

Bev McCullough


October 21

Jen Benlap


October 25

Amanda Niederhauser


October 28

Susan Vaughan


November 1

Jessica Dayon


And finally, I wanted to remind you about the Two Step quilt along that will be starting September 29th.  All information on that is below.

Two Step Quilt Along 

We will be making the Two Step quilt from Precut Parade.  This quilt along will be hosted on Instagram.  I'll show the steps of making the quilt to help you as you make it.  I'll also be showing my progress as I go.    I'll try to answer any and all questions about making this quilt during the quilt along on Instagram.

Here is the schedule-




Week 1

September 29

Cut the quilt out and make the flying geese

Week 2

October 6

Make the nine patches

Week 3

October 13

Make the stars

Week 4

October 20

Make the plus blocks

Week 5

October 27

Assemble the center of the quilt top

Week 6

November 3

Assemble plus border and finish top

If you make a quilt from the Precut Parade book, I'd love it if you could tag me on Instagram @jessicadayon and use the hashtags #precutparadebook and the name of the quilt plus quilt, like this #twostepquilt

Again, you can purchase Precut Parade at AmazonMartingale, and other local quilt shops.  If you are happy with the book, I'd especially love it if you could leave a review on Amazon.  Having many positive reviews makes Amazon more likely to recommend my book to other shoppers and I would greatly appreciate your support with this!

Thank you very much for your support and for following along!

Talk to you soon,