Christmas Napkins & Matching Tablecloth

Christmas is my most favorite time of year.  When December comes around there is always so much I want to make and do and usually I cannot accomplish everything I want to.  Recently, I started a list of all of the holiday things I'd like to do...things are things I want to make to decorate my house, things I want to make and give as gifts, and other things that I want to become part of the traditions that I do with my children each year.  I'm hoping to work ahead on my list and make what I can early in the year so that December is a little less frantic with trying to get it all done.

Separately, my family has been trying to make less waste, reuse what we can, and use less plastic.  We really like using cloth napkins instead of paper.  We are far from perfect at this but we are trying.  So, in an effort to combine my "Christmas list" with my "less waste" goals, I made Christmas themed reusable cloth napkins!

Cloth napkins are really simple to make and they really hold up to daily use, washing, reuse.  I like to use pretty napkins because it makes dinner time feel more special.  For this set, I used Paintbrush Studio Fabrics Night of the Nutcracker and it is SO gorgeous.

You can see all of the fabrics in the line HERE.

For the napkins, I used these SKUs of fabric.  I have them in pairs and that's how I paired the fronts and backs of the napkins-

120-19571 and 120-19603
120-19591 and 120-19582
120-19551 and 120-19601
120-19581 and 120-19561
120-19612 and 120-19511
120-19531 and 120-19611

I made a set of 12 napkins.  To do this, I got 12- 1/2 yard cuts.  From each 1/2 yard, I cut 2- 16" squares.  Then I matched them up into pairs and made the napkins.  You could use the same fabric for the front and back of the napkin or use two different ones like I did.

Repeat these steps for the remaining napkins.  

I also made a coordinating tablecloth!  I have been wanting to make one of these for ages and I'm so happy I finally did!  I'm making more tablecloths really soon!!

I used this tutorial HERE by The Cottage Mama

To make the tablecloth, I used these 2 SKUs from Night of the Nutcracker- 
120-19521 and 120-19602

It turned out so great!

I hope you trying making these soon...they were so fun and fulfilling to make!!

Talk to you soon,



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