Riley Blake Designs Project Tour- Christmas Adventure

Hi, Everyone!  Today I'm sharing the project I made for the Riley Blake Designs Project Tour for Christmas Adventure by Beverly McCullough.

I love all of Bev's work so I was really excited to work with this fabric!  Christmas Adventure is absolutely gorgeous!  I love all of the prints and their gorgeous details.  Also, this collection has gold sparkle in some of the prints and it is so pretty!

You can see the Storyboard for Christmas Adventure- here.

I decided to make the Sun-Kissed quilt from my book- Season to Taste: Quilts to Warm Your Home All Year Long.

Here is the original Sun-Kissed quilt I made for the book-

I absolutely adore two colored quilts and yellow and white ones are at the tippy top of my list.  But, I was excited to make this quilt again into a scrappy version.  I was not disappointed one bit!  Making Sun-Kissed scrappy was so fun and the results were quite different than the original!  

I made this quilt top using the Christmas Adventure fabric collection and I also added in a bunch of Riley Blake Basics.  

I used basics in both the colored portions of the quilt and to make a scrappy background.

For the colored portions of the quilt, the basics I added in were:  Bee Basics C745-Denim and C6405-Denim, Texture C610-SweetMint, Shabby C606-Cherry, Riley Blake Designs Poplin CP100-RileyRed and CP100-Peony, and Bee Backgrounds C9940-Pewter.

For the scrappy background, the basics I used were:  Bee Backgrounds C9710-Pebble, C9940-Pewter, C6381-Gray, Pin Dot CC705-Red, Swiss Dot C670-80 Red, Riley Blake Designs Gold Sparkle Snowflake SC566-Gold, and Kisses Reversed C220-Red.  I also used the white prints in the Christmas Adventure collection as part of the scrappy background. 

For the backing, I used Riley Blake Designs Poplin CP100-RileyRed.  This was the first time I've used Riley Blake Poplin.  It is such a luscious fabric!  It makes a soft, drapey, incredible quilt backing!!  I am so pleased with it and will definitely be using their poplin again for quilt backs.  For the batting, I used The Warm Company Warm 100- my favorite batting.  I pieced and quilted this quilt on my Janome Continental M7.  I used a free motion stipple design for the quilting.  

Isn't it neat how fabric choice can change the look of a quilt so much!?  I think that makes for endless possibilities when quilting!  Thank you for following along!

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  1. Love this quilt. The scrappy combination gives it a homemade Christmas feel. Almost vintage.


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