Willow Quilt Along- Week 7

Hi, Everyone!  Welcome to the seventh week of the Willow Quilt Along!  This is the last week and I can't believe it!!

Here's the schedule for you to reference-

Willow Quilt Along Schedule

There is no sign up for the QAL.  We will be sharing all of the information on our blogs and instagram accounts.  You can follow us in both places so you don't miss anything.

Jessica- my blog is Jessica Dayon and my Instagram account is @jessicadayon

Amber- her blog is Gigi's Thimble and her Instagram account is @gigisthimble

Amber and I thought it would be fun to do a get-to-know-you question every week.  This week the question is- what would be your last meal?  

This is a hard one!  I love a variety of foods and I really love to cook.  I especially love desserts.  So, my meal would be something like a burrito, chips, queso, and salsa, cheesecake, and brownies :)

You can read Amber's post here!  We'd love it if you would tell us about yourself in the comments on one of our blogs or on our Instagram post!

Onto the instructions for Week 7!  This week we are assembling the quilt!  Up to this point we have made and cut all of the pieces we need and it's time to assemble.

Assembling a quilt on point looks hard but it is not.  I have a tutorial on my Instagram story highlight from the On Point Quilt Along that explains how to set a quilt on point (it's not this quilt but you'll get the idea of how to do it if you are confused at all).

I'm hoping to get to assemble mine today!  This is what it'll look like!  I'll be sharing the finish on Instagram as soon as it's ready!

You can find the pattern for this week- HERE.

We'd love to see your progress through the QAL, so if you are on Instagram, use the hashtag #willowqal and tag us both- @jessicadayon and @gigisthimble

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Talk to you soon,



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