Free Pattern: Easy Charm Baby Quilt

Today I'm sharing a super quick, super easy, and super cute baby quilt pattern.  I had two charm packs of Home Sweet Home by Stacy Iest Hsu that I wanted to use to make a baby girl quilt and I needed it to be ready pretty quickly.  So, this fast and fun layout is what I decided upon.  I finished the quilt top in just a few hours!  So, enjoy!  There is a PDF link at the bottom of the post.

This quilt finishes at 49" x 49"

2 Charm packs (that's 2 packs of 5" squares; 42 squares in each pack)
3/4 yard Background
1/2 yard binding
3 yards backing



Read through the instructions before beginning
All seams are sewn with ¼” seam allowance unless noted
RST means right sides together
WOF means Width of Fabric


From the background fabric, 
     -cut 10- 2.5" x WOF strips
            -subcut one strip into 4- 10" x 2.5" pieces
            -subcut one strip into 2- 21" x 2.5" pieces
            -subcut two strips into 3- 14" x 2.5" pieces, each (for a total of 6- 14" x 2.5" pieces)


Sort the charm squares into 9 groups of 9.  Then start block assembly.  Layout 9 charm squares- 3 squares across x 3 squares down.

Sew the squares into rows.  You can press your seams how you like, but here, I press the seams on the top and bottom rows out and the middle row in.

Sew the top row and middle row together.

Sew the bottom row to the rest.

Your block will now measure 14" unfinished.

Repeat these steps until you have a total of 9 blocks.


Lay the blocks out 3 blocks per row in 3 rows.  Take the 6- 14" x 2.5" background pieces and sew them as sashing in between the blocks.  One row is shown below for example.  Each of the three rows should look like this.

Then take the 4- 2.5" x WOF pieces and 4- 10" x 2.5" pieces.  Piece one WOF strip to one 10" strip, end to end, so that you have one piece that measures 2.5" x 52".  Repeat three more times.  Set two of these aside for a moment.  Use the remaining two as sashing between the rows.  Your top should look like this now.

Next take the 2- 2.5" x 52" strips that you set aside and sew them to the left and right sides of the quilt as side borders.  Then take the last 2- 2.5" x WOF pieces and 2- 21" x 2.5" pieces.  Piece one WOF strip to one 21" strip, end to end, so that you have one piece that measures 2.5" x 63".  Repeat one more time.  Sew one strip to the top and one strip to the bottom for borders.  Cut them to the exact size once they are sewn on (or if you want, you can cut them to 2.5" x 49" and then sew them on).


To make the binding, cut 5- 2.5" x WOF strips.  Make continuous binding.  Baste, quilt, and bind the quilt using your preferred methods.

Share what you made! Use the hashtags #easycharmquilt #jessicadayonpatterns and tag me so I can see your version @jessicadayon

You can download a PDF of the pattern HERE

Here is my finished one-

Talk to you soon,



  1. I feel so lucky today!!
    I have had a goal to make a quilt for over a year. My friend makes beautiful quilts and said she would be my quilting mentor!
    She sent me this quilt from IG and suggested it would be the perfect starter quilt for me.
    I purchased my squares and background fabrics today, the whole time texting with my friend.
    She just sent a text letting me know you had posted this quilt, today, with step-by-step instructions and photos!!
    My stars are aligned today!! 😇🙌🏽
    I am so very excited to start this quilt!!
    I wanted to keep my first quilt, but decided today, I will give this to my friends who are expecting their first child!!
    Thank you for posting this!!
    I am so excited to get started!!

    1. Hi,

      I am so happy that this pattern came at just the right time for you and that you really love making it! I'm am sure you friends will love receiving this for first baby!! Enjoy the process. Let me know if you have any questions.



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