Riley Blake Designs Project Tour- Flea Market


Good Tuesday Morning!  Today I'm sharing the project I made for the Riley Blake Designs Project Tour for Flea Market by Lori Holt.  I literally love every single thing that Lori Holt designs.  I greatly anticipate her collection releases as well as her books and cross stitch patterns!  When I first saw Flea Market, I fell in love right away!!  For ages, I tried to come up with a design that seemed right.  Every time I thought I had a good one, I'd find my mind wandering later on thinking...well what if I did this instead.  I know my-designing-self enough to know that if I was doing that, then I didn't find the "right" design yet.  So, I kept on trying.  Lots of designs later, found one that I was so happy about!  First, let's take a look at the beautiful Flea Market!

Totally gorgeous, right!?!

I decided to make a quilt using the burgoyne quilt block.  I've wanted to make a burgoyne quilt for ages in a blue version that I saw on Pinterest but this turned out even better (though I can't rule out making that blue version in the future 😂)!

Here it is!

I used one of the panels from the line in the quilt and I just love it!

Here is the panel I used-

I used the four large middles ones which can be cut out at 15 1/2" square.

I didn't write a pattern but I will show instructions on how I made one block.  The sizes listed below are cutting sizes.  The block is 15 1/2" x 15 1/2", including the seam allowances.  This block would make an amazing block for quilting bees or swaps!!

When planned this on my computer, I planned 2 borders.  But when I actually made it, I decided not to add any borders.  Here is the layout with the originally planned borders.

I used one of the Flea Market panels in the each of the open spots.  I made 21 blocks.

The center of the quilt, without any borders, measures 75 1/2" square.  In case you want to make this ad like the border option- the first brown border is 2" finished and the ow volume border is 4" finished.  With both borders, the quilt will measure 87 1/2" square.

Here are the rest of the details for the quilt, in addition to the Flea Market fabric I used for piecing the blocks,

For the white background, I used Lori Holt Bee Backgrounds in Pewter Stitched Circle (C9940-PEWTER)

For the binding, I used Flea Market Pebble Wall Paper (C10214-PEBBLE)

For the backing, I used Wide Back Flea Market in Red Roses (WB10232-RED).  

For the batting, I used The Warm Company Warm 100.

I pieced and quilted it on my Janome M7 Continental.

I loved making this one!!

Talk to you soon,



  1. Wow! The quilt is beautiful. You did such a great job!

  2. That’s so pretty!! I love Lori Holt’s designs too. And her YouTube videos. I love your quilt, it’s gorgeous.

  3. I do love the Burgoyne block and the addition of the panels is a really nice touch! I'm not normally a '30s fabric person but Flea Market does look appealing and I may have to own it!

  4. It's beautiful, and showcases the fabric very well

  5. Love the quilt, love the fabric. Wow!

  6. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing how this stunning quilt came together.

  7. Oh wow!! I love this so much. I just happen to have the panel in my mail box 👏 I wasn’t going to buy flea market but you have inspired me so much. Thank you for sharing your block instructions. I am making this one!!

  8. You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful quilt designs. This one is perfect to show off the Flea Market fabrics. I love the colors.

  9. Your quilt is so pretty. Thank you for the design info.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing! gorgeous, gorgeous quilt!!!

  11. Jessica, your quilt is beautiful. What a clever way to make use of a panel ! -~Diana K.

  12. Hi. Is there a pattern I can purchase? This is absolutely stunning. I follow you and purchased your book on the presale. I'm currently using a pattern in your book for my daughter.


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