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On Point QAL: Fabric Requirements and Color Options

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to my QAL!  I'm very excited to be sharing this pattern and teaching exactly how to make it!

We will be making the above quilt!  I'm calling this the On Point Quilt Along!  You can follow me on Instagram and share your pictures using the hashtag #onpointqal

Originally when I was planning for the year, I planned this QAL to teach how to set a quilt on point.  But, while sharing about it on Instagram, I had a lot of people ask me if a beginner could join.  Well, I have decided to add some extra tutorials so that adventurous beginners can join!  (I say adventurous because, while I will give all of the information that I can, you will still need to be ready to go ahead and try this out with the awareness that it might not turn out perfectly.  But I'll do my be a to help you get a usable quite and a great quilting experience :) ) Please pass this information to anyone you know who might be interested in learning to quilt!  I'd love to …

2019 Year Long Project: Half Square Triangle Quilt

This year I'm trying something new :) I've decided that I want to work on a big, huge quilting project over the whole year and I'm really, really excited about it!  I'm hoping to make this an annual event for me.  I already have ideas for the next few years- lol- but let's see how this year goes first!

Here's the idea of it.  I'm planning to make a sort of memory quilt.  For each quilt I make this year, I am going to cut a 3" square from the fabrics that I use and use those 3" squares to make half square triangles (HST) for a big quilt that I'll work on all year.  At the end of the year, I'll be left with a quilt that has a little piece of all of the other quilts that I made in 2019.  I love that thought :)

I'm planning on making a king sized quilt from all of the HST.  For this, I'll need 2704 HST!  The quilt will measure 104" x 104".  For ease of handling, I'll assemble the HST into 16 patches at the end of each mo…

Free Pattern: The Chance Quilt

I started writing this quilt pattern last year.  It was right around the time that Smitten came out and I was so excited to use the fabric!  I really wanted to use every print in the line and also I wanted to use precuts.  So, I sat down and came up with this quilt!  It is SO fun to make.  And, honestly, I keep dreaming of new lines to try it in :)  I really think it would look good in any fabric, no matter what you used!
I am making another one right now using Feed Sacks Red Rover by Linzee Cull McCray for Moda Fabrics and it is just dreamy!  I'll be sharing more on Instagram- so be sure you are following me there!
If you make one of my quilt patterns, I'd love to see!  Tag me- @jessicadayon- on Instagram and use the hashtags #jessicadayonpatterns and #chancequilt
Finished Quilt Size: 74” x 92” Finished Block Size: 16”

1 Charm pack of Smitten by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics 1 Jelly Roll of Smitten by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics ¾ of Moda Bella Soli…