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Holiday Sewing

Come this time of the year, I am up to my ears in holiday gift making.  How about you?  Do you tend to make most of your gifts or buy them?  I am a mixture of both.  However, this year I seem to be making most.

I started off in November with a goal to make 12 or 13 quilts for gifts, a few pillows, and some stuffed dolls.  Then if I got all that finished, I had 4 additional quilts that I'd make.  Well, I am doing pretty well toward the first goal.  Up to this point, I have made 10 quilts.  I am working on the 11th and waiting for fabric for the 12th.  I think I'll get those finished along with the pillows and the dolls. But, I think I will have to wait until next Christmas for those other 4.

Here are just a few of the ones that I've made so far.

This quilt pattern is Scrap Happy by Vanessa Goertzen.  You can find it in her Charm School book.  I used Boundless 30s Revival fabric and Moda Bella Solids in Apron Strings Pink (9900 61) and Off- White (9900-200).

This is a new …

Moda Bake Shop Free Pattern: Lovely Quilt

A few weeks ago I released a new pattern of mine on the Moda Bake Shop website.  You can get my Lovely Quilt pattern there now.

I made this quilt with Farmhouse II by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts.  This entire collection is just so beautiful and I really enjoyed working with it.

This quilt measures 64" x 64".  Its a good sized throw and actually works up pretty quickly.

Here are some of the aquas and blacks that I used in the quilt.  Aren't they the prettiest!?

I wrote this pattern so it is very easy to follow.  Each step is shown in tutorial format so that you know exactly what to do to make the quilt (like I do for all of my patterns).

If you make one, I'd love to see it!  Tag me on Instagram- @jessicadayon and use the hashtags- #jessicadayonpatterns and #lovelyquilt or send me an email!

As part of my effort to try to track all of the quilts I make, here are the details of this specific quilt:

Made: August 2018
Fabric Used: Farmhouse II by Fig Tree Quilts

New Free Pattern: Le Chandelier Quilt

Le  Chandelier Quilt is a quilt that I designed in collaboration with Fort Worth Fabric Studio.  I designed the quilt to use the new line Clover Hollow by Sherri & Chelsi for Moda Fabrics.  I really enjoyed working with this fabric line!  All of the prints are so pretty and it was so fun to sit down and work on this quilt.

The pattern is available as a free download at Fort Worth Fabric Studio.  And, also, you can purchase a kit from them to make your own!

The blocks in this quilt are very simple to make and the colors really bring them to life!  I love the effect that you get when the two blocks are combined together.

Do let me know if you have any questions on this pattern!  I will be starting to do YouTube videos and, if you think it will be helpful, I would be happy to make these blocks in a video.

If you make one, I'd love to see!  Email me or tag me on Instagram @jessicadayon and tag you photos with the hashtags #lechandelierquilt and #jessicadayonpatterns

As part of my…

So Much to Sew, so Little Time

This year has flown by!  I can hardly believe that it is October.  I have been making (what feels like) a ton of quilts this year.  Still though I'm feeling like I have not gotten enough done.

I have a bunch of patterns in the works...patterns to self publish and sell, patterns for magazines, patterns for Moda Bake Shop.  And, still Christmas is coming, and I wanted to have more made by now than I actually do.  Anyone else feeling the same way??

Here're some looks at what I've been making...

I joined in on Suzy Quilts Modern Fans Sew Along.  This started September 12th and runs through November 7th.  Here is her blog post that tells all about the sew along.  I chose to use a Meraki fabric by Basic Grey for Moda Fabrics.  I'm really enjoying participating in this and I really love sewing curves.

I've recently released my White Pumpkins quilt pattern!  I love white pumpkins.  Each fall I use white pumpkins to make pumpkin pie and I just adore them.  I usually grow t…

Fat Quarter Shop Sew Along: Kimberly's Sac

This month I had the pleasure of sewing along with the Fat Quarter Shop during their Blog Remix projects.  They have been revisiting some of the their older tutorials and having sew alongs to bring new inspiration to these great patterns.  As part of this series, I made the Kimberly's Sac by Joanna Figueroa.  

You can purchase the pattern from Fat Quarter Shop here.

This was a pretty beginner friendly bag.  I chose to use one fabric for the bag instead of piecing from the layer cakes as stated in the pattern.  I think that the bag turns out really nice either way.

For more inspiration, you can head on over to the Fat Quarter Shop blog, where you can see more of this project and also on Instagram #KimberlysSac

Flying Geese 4 at a time

September is National Sewing Month and to celebrate, Moda Bake Shop is posting a series throughout the month called Building Blocks.  Each post will walk you through a basic quilting technique and come with a really beautiful printable (and the end of the post) so that you can practice your quilting skills and even try some methods that are new to you

The Building Blocks tutorial that I am sharing is 4 at a time flying geese.  I really love this method.  I use it all the time, especially when I am making sawtooth star blocks or when I need a bunch of flying geese quickly.

You can find my tutorial here.  There is a handy chart that tells you how you can make them using precuts and the sizes of the starting squares that you need.  But of course, you don't need to start with precuts.  You can cut your starting squares from any size fabric that works.

Try this method out!  It is quick and has no fabric waste.  No one likes wasting fabric anyway :)

New Quilt Pattern: Fidelity Quilt

My latest pattern is out and available!  This is my Fidelity Quilt Pattern.

I had the best time designing and making this quilt!  In general, I find my quilt inspiration from fabric lines themselves.  In this case, I used Portsmouth by Minick & Simpson.  

When I was looking over the line, I was inspired by the colors and prints and worked up this quilt using them.  I think it showcases the fabric so beautifully and it really speaks to my soul.  That being said, even though I tend to design a quilt based on a fabric line, it doesn't mean that the quilt pattern only works for that line.  There are so many ways to interpret a design and so many spins you can put on it just by changing the color scheme.  I see this quilt in some many other ways too.  And I'm planning to make it up again in another line soon!

You can purchase this pattern here.     UPDATE! This is a free pattern now and you can find it here!

As always, I've worked really hard to give you an easy-to-follow p…

Free Quilt Pattern: Sky Line Quilt

Hi, Everyone!  I have been working on a bunch of new quilt patterns and can't wait to share them all with you!  First up is my Sky Line Quilt.  I love all kinds of quilts...both intricate and basic.  The Sky Line Quilt is super basic and it makes such a statement.  It was super fast to make and it turned out so super awesome.  

In my version, I used Moda Fabrics Picnic Basket Wovens for the blue (the stripes and the binding-- SKU 12134-26) and then Bella Solids 9900-98 for the white.  For the backing I used the large gingham of Moda Fabrics Picnic Basket Wovens (SKU 12134-21).  I really love the way a woven pairs with a regular quilting cotton.  And a woven backing is super dreamy to snuggle with 😍

This quilt finishes at 64" x 81"
MATERIALS 2 yards blue fabric
2 yards white fabric 
5 yards backing
3/4 yard binding


Read through the instructions before beginning All seams are sewn with ¼” seam allowance unless noted RST means right sides together WOF me…

New Name

Hi, Everyone!  I have decided to undergo a name change.  For years I have been known as Skein and Hook.  When I first started crafting, I fell head over heels in love with crocheting.  I crocheted everyday, as much as I could for years.

Over time, I also began to experiment with new crafts and my horizons began to expand.  I truly enjoy all is the basic element of creation that I am enamored with.  Today, my current favorites are embroidery, cross stitch, crochet, and my newest passion, quilting.  Since, I don't want the name- Skein and Hook- to limit me, I decided to make a change.  I will continue sharing all of my crafty journey under this new name.

My old blog and existing free patterns will still be available here (and also in the tab across the top of my site).  But as I come to update them and publish new ones, I'll be sharing them here instead.

You can follow me on Instagram- @jessicadayon- where I share everything that I'm up to.  I hope that you'…