2019 Year Long Project: Half Square Triangle Quilt

This year I'm trying something new :) I've decided that I want to work on a big, huge quilting project over the whole year and I'm really, really excited about it!  I'm hoping to make this an annual event for me.  I already have ideas for the next few years- lol- but let's see how this year goes first!

Here's the idea of it.  I'm planning to make a sort of memory quilt.  For each quilt I make this year, I am going to cut a 3" square from the fabrics that I use and use those 3" squares to make half square triangles (HST) for a big quilt that I'll work on all year.  At the end of the year, I'll be left with a quilt that has a little piece of all of the other quilts that I made in 2019.  I love that thought :)

I'm planning on making a king sized quilt from all of the HST.  For this, I'll need 2704 HST!  The quilt will measure 104" x 104".  For ease of handling, I'll assemble the HST into 16 patches at the end of each month.  The layout will be 13 blocks by 13 blocks.  This is what the general look will be-

I'll be using the two at a time HST method.

You'll need a 3" square of main fabric and a 3" square of background.  Draw a line from corner to corner on the darker square.  Put the squares right sides together. Sew 1/4" on each side of the line.  Cut on the line.  Press the HST, with the seam allowance going to the darker fabric.  You will get two HST from this.  Trim each one to measure 2.5" square.

A tip to make this quicker!  I never draw lines on my HST, flying geese, easy corner triangles, you name it.  I drew lines on my sewing machine (you can also buy guides that do the same thing).  I line my points up the the guide I drew and know that when I do that, I am sewing 1/4" away from the center.  This saves an enormous amount of time and sanity :)

For background fabric, I'm going to use whatever I have on hand.  I want to make whites and creams throughout all of the HST.  I think it will add to the charm.  So, whatever white I'm using for the project, I might use that for the background squares or I might pull from my scrap bin.

Another shortcut that I'll take if possible is to use cut-offs from stitch and flip flying geese.  For these, as soon as I stitch the geese and make the cutoff, I'll stitch the cutoff together right away and that'll count for my HST from that fabric.

Throughout each month,

     -save 3" squares from all of the quilts/projects that I'm making

     -set aside cut-offs from flying geese (as long as they are big enough to get a 2.5" HST out of them)

     -in free time, sew 2 at a time HST

     -trim the HST to 2.5" square

At the end of each month,

     -finish making and trimming the HST from the month's fabric

     -make 16 patches with the available HSTs

So, that's my plan!  I'll do a check in at the end of each month.  Feel free to post any questions that you have or contact me though email or on Instagram- @jessicadayon  Share your progress on Instagram at #2019yearlongproject

Talk to you soon,



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