Abloom Coloring Page


Hello, Everyone!  I'm so excited to start the Abloom Quilt Along with you tomorrow!  Thank you for the excitement everyone has for my new book- Season to Taste: Quilts to Warm Your Home All Year Long.

You can find the Abloom pattern in this book.  You can purchase the book:

        -on Fat Quarter Shop (in print)

I'm going to be hosting a bunch of quilt alongs this year using my book and I have some other things planned too!!  So grab a copy and get ready to sew with me!

Here is the schedule that we will follow for the quilt along-

Abloom Along
Week 1- January 8- Blocks 1-4
Week 2- January 15- Blocks 5-8
Week 3- January 22- Blocks 9-12
Week 4- January 29- Blocks 13-16 & Top assembly

In case you are undecided on your fabric, I've creating a coloring sheet so that you can plan your fabric placement if you'd like to!

You can download a PDF HERE

Let me know if you have any questions!  I'm so excited to be sewing this with you!!

Talk to you soon,