New Make: Picnic Bag & Silverware Wrap

During the summer months, we try to have a few picnics.  So, this year I was thinking I could make a new tote bag to carry a quilt and some of this things we take to our picnics.  We have 6 people in our family so we use a pretty big quilt so that everyone has enough room to sit and eat.  We always seem to have multiple bags that we take and I was thinking that if I made one really big one, then it would simplify things.  Enter the 'Show and Tell Bag' by Amanda Jean Nyberg.  This pattern has 3 size options and I chose to make the Jumbo.  This bag is HUGE and I LOVE it.  The jumbo size measures 22 1/2" x 22" x 6".  We can easily fit a king size quilt plus a bunch of our other supplies.  It is absolutely the perfect, really, really big bag!!

This pattern is little hard to find these days (I bought it a few years ago).  But I did find that you can purchase the downloadable PDF on Connecting Threads HERE.

Also for our picnics, I wanted to make something to carry the silverware and napkins.  We have been trying to reduce waste in our household so we always take real silverware, reusable straws, and cloth napkins.  This silverware holder is exactly what we needed to carry it all in neatly.

The top folds over so nothing falls out, it rolls up neatly, and ties shut with the crochet trim tie.

I made up my own pattern as I went here but it's pretty easy and very customizable.  Essentially, you cut 2 big rectangles and the same size rectangle of batting.  Use a piece of ribbon or crochet trim as the tie.  To do this pin where it will be along the edge and then tuck the rest inside the fabric so you don't sew over the long parts by accident.  Sew it right sides together, leaving a gap for turning.  Turn it right side out and sew along the edge all the way around (closing up the gap too). Then you fold up the bottom to make the pockets.  Pin it and mark where each pocket is.  Sew along the marks you made to form the pockets (stitch back and forth a few times at the top and bottom of each pocket so it is really secure).  That's pretty much it!  Quick and easy.  I was thinking in the future, I might make individual ones for each person that doubles as a placemat and then this big one could hold all of our serving utensils.  Maybe for next summer!

To make these projects, I use the very summery and pretty line called Fruity by Maja Ronnback for Paintbrush Studio Fabrics.

I had some left over fabric so I made more cloth napkins!  This time I made them small so they are prefect for taking with us, for snacks, appetizers, or desserts.  I started with a 12 1/2" square (as opposed to my normal 17/18" square).  You can find my cloth napkin tutorial HERE.

That's all for today!  Thanks for reading!

Talk to you soon,



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